Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Writer's World Wednesdays - Another Milestone

This week my "oh...I'm a real writer now" moment came when galley sheets showed up in my e-mail.

Galley sheets are the insides of a book, with all the fancy titles, scene break swooshies, and author pictures at the end of each story.  My stomach did another flop to see my story as it's going to look inside the covers.

It was also my last chance to make any corrections whether grammatical, with formatting, and even a few changes to content.  It's amazing how just seeing the words in a different font and layout changed it up enough that I saw things I'd not noticed before.

If that weren't enough, I had my first Skype date with my agent.  We talked about where I go from here to further my career.

My career.

I did a double swallow on that one.  And then God blessed me with the weirdest dream imaginable.  It was like an alien invasion movie with no plot, just special effects.  What amazed me was how detailed the various alien races were, and I'd never seen any of them on Star Trek, Star Wars, or Galaxy Quest.  It all came from my own imagination.  It was as though God said, "You have more creativity inside of you than you even know because I am infinitely creative and you are a reflection of Me."

It was like a little kiss on the cheek from my father.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that very personal moment! YES! You are loved!


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