Thursday, May 23, 2019

60th Birthday Card

To prepare for our move in a few weeks, I'm getting a jump on all the cards I'm going to need in June and July. One of them is for my brother-in-law who is turning 60, which meant he needed a number-specific card. I don't normally show them ahead of time, but I'm fairly certain he won't be visiting my blog and it features the May Stamp of the Month (SOM) which retires in about a week.

I wish I could take credit for the card design, but I flat-out stole it from this card. I created my own version using the Flower Market Cricut Cartridge (banner - which normally reads "Happy Place" but I altered to suit my needs). I also used some free shapes and a font from Design Space. Here's the file if you want to recreate it. The extra circle in the file is for two reasons: 1) to cut vellum if you want to recreate this exact card, and 2) so you can copy and paste it to create your own numbers.

Here's the supply list with links included for your shopping convenience:

I love that our cardstock is two-toned. It allowed me to cut the two nested stars at the same time. And, as I told you in this post, I'm crazy about the Timeless Textures stamp set so I add random splatters in a controlled way. Yes, I might have a bit of an OCD thing going on over here.

The moving company shows up tomorrow to do a walk-through to determine how much it will take to get us out of here. I always love the reactions I get to my craft cabinet. They are never neutral. Either the guy is impressed by the amount of work it took to create a customized cabinet or (most of the time) appalled that they have to take it down piece by piece then reassemble it on the other end. I do try to have it clean so it's a little less intimidating. Right now it looks like I've been on a crafting binge...which I have. Better clean-up!

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  1. Love this, and I'm going to borrow your design for a 50 card. Thank you.


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