Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Yellow Pig Day

My morning routine includes a quick tour of favorite blogs and stamping sites.  One stop along the way is at the 365 Cards daily challenge.  Today is "Silly Saturday" over there, and the challenge is to create a card celebrating an obscure and/or silly national holiday.  I thought I'd Google today and see what popped up.  There were a bunch of fun ones, but somehow "Yellow Pig Day" just begged to be converted into a card.  Seriously...yellow pig day!  I couldn't have made that one up for love nor money.  Here's a link to prove it:  yellow-pig-day

The stamp is called "Just a Little Smug" from Mostly Animals.  I inherited him from my mother-in-law so I have no idea how old he is or if the company is still in business, but isn't he cute?  According to tradition, yellow pigs should have 17 of everything - toes, teeth, eyelashes, etc.  I was feeling lucky just to have such a perfectly piggy portrait.

Hope today is happy...and if yellow pigs don't do it for you, how about a happy wrong way cardigan, cow appreciation, hot dog, toss away the "could have" and " should have", or woodie wagon day!  Yep...and here's the link to prove it:  Brownielocks

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  1. Did not know about a yellow pig day - do we celebrate by eating pork or ??? Very cute card, the yellow really does stand out so beautifully.

  2. Um ive been celebrating yellow pig day for years and for your information we do not eat pork!


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