Friday, May 17, 2013

Color Dare from Here to There

Aaaack!  I totally ditzed.  I got my days all mixed up and...

Whatever.  Here's my card for this week's Color My Heart dare using Cranberry, Honey and Outdoor Denim.

Stamps used are Adventure USA (current) and It's Your Day (retired).  The paper pack is retired Superhero which I altered by squeezing my Honey ink pad together to pick up excess ink, using a watercolor brush to get it wet, and painting over where the paper is normally tan to make it Honey.    This is a great technique if you need to alter your existing paper to coordinate with scrapbook photos rather than going out to buy a whole new paper pack.

Okay...I am so late posting this and running behind on my day.  If you have questions, please ask and I'll reply in the comment section.  Sorry to be so scattered!!

Until next time,
P.S.  Now that I've had a chance to catch up, here are a few more details on how I made this.  First off, the outline stamp of the USA is not solid in the middle which means it doesn't hold shape when you peel it off the carrier sheet.  I had to fuss to get it to look like the US rather than something resembling a blob and finally came up with a great solution.  Peel off the stamp and lay it down on a piece of paper with the fine line/image side up.  Turn the carrier sheet over.  With the USA carrier sheet image backwards, line up your stamp with the carrier sheet until it matches up and stick it back to the carrier sheet lightly.  Lift up your carrier sheet, lay down a large acrylic block, press the image onto the block, and it will now transfer to your block with the fine line/image side ready to stamp.  I know...every once in a while I do something brilliant.  Don't get used to it! :)

I stamped the USA onto glossy paper in Outdoor Denim.  I then flicked watered-down Honey (For a great video tutorial, go here) all over.  Since it still wasn't filled in enough, I then used a sponge dauber to add more Honey.  I didn't let the ink dry in between, so that's why the outline is a little sloppy.  I sortof like it, but if I wanted to have a clean outline, I would flick the ink first, let it dry, then stamp the outline over top.  I did wait to have the background dry before stamping the road in Cranberry between Oklahoma (where I live) and Washington State (where my family lives).  The bendy nature of acrylic stamps worked to my advantage in this instance.

I wanted to leave a pocket to attach my paperclip, so I sewed the white background to the Superhero matte, then I only attached the Superhero border along the sides and bottom edge.

Okay,  I think that just about does it.  Again, let me know if you have questions in the comment section.


  1. Great job on this card, Becca! I like what you did on the inside of the US, and your stitching is really cool! Did you do it by hand?

  2. I have those paper clips, lol! LOVE that! Great tip too about the waterbrush to match up papers! Goodness, such a lot to take in on this our bendy acrylic stamps so you can bend the path on the map! :)

  3. Very cute use of the USA stamp. Really like how you colored it in with a combo of 'flicking' and sponging.


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