Friday, May 10, 2013

Pink Puff

This week's challenge over at Color My Heart is three shades of pink: Hollyhock, Cotton Candy, and Blush.  I was blog hopping and came across a flower tutorial (which I cannot find now, so if it was you, please leave me a comment so I can give credit where due).  I got so excited, I made this card almost a full week ahead of my DT deadline:

This is more of that retired Cotton Candy puff ball ribbon.  I'll give you a quick tutorial in a moment, but for now I want to focus on the supplies.  The background paper is Hollyhock.  The white band is a combination of plain white paper topped with vellum.  I wanted the Blush flower background (Perfect Fit Frames) to be even softer than Blush is normally, so I stamped it on vellum and turned the vellum so the stamped side was down.   Hint: stamp in dye ink and either let it dry for a long time or lightly go over it with an embossing heat tool to set the ink before putting against the background white to prevent smearing.  I like to just let it air dry because the heat tool tends to curl the vellum.  The leaves are Hollyhock Zipper Lace, and the glitter is Studio G glitter glue.  "MOM" is stamped in White Daisy (Perfect Fit Holidays-Mom).

Okay, here's how to make that flower.  Run a line of Liquid Glass along about an inch of the bottom edge of your puff ball ribbon. Then start rolling it.

Keep going an inch at a time.  If you want a rounded flower, you'll have to fuss more with shaping it.  I used a lot of Liquid Glass and had to be patient.  I got it into a basic rounded shape, held it until it would hold, then turned it over and used even more Liquid Glass on the inside to set the shape being careful not to squirt any through holes.  Let it dry for several hours before you move it.

When I was ready to add it to my card, I stacked three pieces of foam mounting tape to the center of my stamped circle and fit the puff ball circle over top.  I smushed the very center flat onto the foam tape to make sure it would stay.  Using my finger, I smeared glitter glue over the top. be completely honest with you, this card is not going in the mail.  It's way too dimensional.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it since it says "MOM" and my mother is 3000 miles away so hand delivery is a little pricey.  I think I'll just hold onto it for now.  I might need to pretend it's from my kids, if you catch my meaning.

Until next time,


  1. The pink puff-ball is SOO appealing! I have that roll of ribbon/trim and often wonder what to do with it. Now I know! What a sweet corsage/card for your mom (or yourself, or whoever).

  2. This is a cute card, Becca. I like the glitter on your flower. That's a nice touch. Great job!

  3. Love how you created the flower using the puff ball ribbon and the zipper ribbon for 'leaves'


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