Friday, July 5, 2013


Sometimes you need a happy birthday card, sometimes happy anniversary, and sometimes it's happy whole other occasion.  Why not create a couple happy (fill in the blank on the inside) cards?

This week's Color My Heart dare uses a paper packet I don't have, "Surf's Up."  I used Crystal Blue, Sorbet, and Ponderosa Pine (which are regular-line colors included in the pack) then substituted Honey for Surf's Up Gold.  I cut several strips in various widths and glued them to printer paper before cutting with Artiste.  Even though the printer paper is thin, it's still two layers of paper so I set my cutting machine gage to full pressure and a slow cut setting.  It should also be noted that I recently replaced my blade as I'd been using the one that came with the machine for the past four years.  I'd say I got my money's worth!

The only non-CTMH product on these cards are the sequins on the top card and Baker's Twine on the bottom one (Island Indigo from Stampin' Up!). 

I already have plans for these cards.  I've got a couple teenage family members with birthdays soon.  I think the fun and funky look will suit them perfectly.

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  1. It's really cool how you glued strips to paper and cut the letters out with the Cricut. So easy, yet so clever, and you get two cards out of it! I really like them, and I agree that it's good to have cards for any occasion. (Do you remember that "happy everything" stamp? I use that one a lot!) Great cards, Becca!


  2. Very clever to get two cards from one cut of letters! I love the silicity of each card, too.

  3. I've already admired your sequin-segueway, but just have to say these are so much fun! I esp like the Y on its side--perfect for a teen who never looks too far ahead... Wonderful job with these summery colours, too.

  4. Very clever - love the simplicity of both cards.


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